Health insurance

The basis of our stability as a person, as a family and financially revolves around our most valuable asset, OUR HEALTH. I help you find the options that fit your needs within your possibilities with insurance products that have solid financial support as well as an excellent regional and national positioning.

Group Insurance

With access to the best insurers in the market, if you own a company with 2 partners or employees, you can provide benefits to your employees such as medical, dental, vision, life, voluntary supplementary insurance, etc., which will provide you with less turnover as well as benefits. at the tax level. An excellent option also to access more robust plan coverage nationwide.

Complementary Insurance

It is a great tool to be able to maintain financial stability that will allow you to honor the commitments of fixed expenses in the family economy in the unexpected presence of an illness, an accident and even in the face of loss of life.

Life insurance

It is a tool that allows you to honor financial commitments, provide a financial basis for the future education of your heirs, maintain the quality of life that you want to give to your loved ones as well as cover funeral and hospital expenses after an illness or an accident.

International Health Insurance

Special for those citizens of the world who often travel or move from one country to another frequently, those whose countries limit their options to have highly complex medical treatments or with cutting-edge technology. Very useful for investors moving from one country to another because they protect them in the transition of migratory processes from one country to another as well as for the parents of people who have migrated outside their country of origin because it provides the peace of mind that it protects them. while they are in their country of residence as well as when they visit another country.

Travel Medical Insurance

A product with a great value but with very reasonable costs to punctually protect travelers in the event that an illness or accident occurs during their journey before leaving for their country of residence, it works for a punctual trip, for frequent travelers, corporate groups, religious missions among other adventures.

Personal accidents

The basic prevention that every individual should have because accidents could generate unsuspected economic impacts because it can be from a simple one to one that involves even the loss of life.

Student Insurance

One of the fundamental requirements when applying for a student visa in the USA is to have health insurance for students, which is a tool that provides health protection to international students in the event that an accident or illness could affect their health during the permanence in the achievement of his academic goal.


It is a tool of great support for those who do not have health insurance because they open the setting of a doctor, a pharmacy, laboratories and specialist doctors in case for some reason you cannot have a medical insurance with the conditions that establishes the law in the USA. Very useful for employers who cannot yet offer health insurance.

I help you find the insurance that perfectly suits your health, life, vision, dental, disability, retirement protection needs, among others.

Testimonials from some of our members


“Muchas gracias Yubi por tu profesionalidad y disponilibilidad! Si no fuera por tu atención, estaría pagando mucho más dinero en mi seguro médico y me has ayudado mucho durante esta pandemia. Cuando te conocí, supe que eras una bella persona y también me di cuenta de que el bienestar de tus clientes es genuinamente importante para tí. Eso me hace sentir segura y protegida. Muchos éxitos Yubi! Mil gracias otra vez!”​

Claudia O.

I called Healthiest You on Friday around 6pm to record my information, and they called me within minutes. I was amazed and relieved that they called me and waited for me at the pharmacy. I was beyond impressed and on the mend / going back to work on Monday!

Jeff T.

I have never felt so healthy, confident and fit as I do today. There is no doubt that I will continue my healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life. I remain his ever thinner fan, never a smoker, and no headache for life.

Eric D.

I sleep better and feel on my way again. Healthiestyou works exactly perfectly for me: a lot of progress and focus despite a horrendous schedule and a lot of stress.

Cassie C.

It was so nice to get such a quick response and not have to wait to go to the doctor and worry more. Peace of mind is invaluable.

I will be here for you, for any concern.